Welcome to The Soul of a Nation.  This is an online conversation dedicated to K-12 Catholic education: to its challenges, as well as its opportunities; to the questions that have characterized its past and those that will determine its future; to its relevance in the education marketplace and its importance in American civic life; to its teachers and leaders, its founders and its students.

This blog began with a simple purpose: to surface and expand an ongoing, national conversation about the future of K-12 Catholic schools. While there’s no particular “party line” governing the commentary presented, most of the commentary here is grounded in one basic principle: Catholic schools have a profound influence on the soul of our nation, and ideas about strengthening K-12 Catholic education are worth sharing.  There is an urgency to the crisis facing K-12 Catholic education that is often overlooked, and we therefore hope to foster conversation that will not only examine the state of Catholic schools today, but will also discuss where they seem to be headed tomorrow.