Two Quick Links for ya’ll this beautiful Monday morning:

1.  Cory Booker’s Testimony before the New Jersey Assembly Commerce and Economic Development Committee regarding the Opportunity Scholarship Act– Now don’t get me wrong, I love me some Cory Booker, especially when he gets revved up about the 4:30 mark, and his comments about the “infantilization” of the poor are right on.  However, I might have to disagree with his belief in voucher or tax-credit scholarships simply as an “escape hatch” for kids in failing schools.   Even if schools are not failing, it is still not OK that some folks get to pick where their kids go to school and some folks don’t because they don’t have as much money.


2.  Big ups to St. Joseph’s University’s new teacher training program.  Who knows, maybe getting compared to Teach for America might get ya’ll  some of that cash.