A great article yesterday in Ed Week about how the reforms and policies of Jeb Bush and his Foundation for Excellence in Education are setting the standard for reforms in states throughout the country.

Seeming to have a particular influence on my home state of Indiana, this bodes well for those states that are willing to follow Bush and Florida’s example.  Of particular interest is a newly formed league of extraordinary state school chiefs that are keen on following Florida’s example.

In November, the Foundation for Excellence in Education hosted a conference in Washington meant to highlight innovations in teacher evaluation, technology, and other areas, which drew state officials, researchers, and corporate executives from around the country. At that conference, five state schools chiefs—Mr. Bennett, Deborah Gist of Rhode Island, Paul Pastorek of Louisiana, Gerard Robinson of Virginia, and Eric Smith of Florida—announced their formation of a group to support new approaches to paying and evaluating teachers and administrators, school choice, and improved tests and standards, among other goals.