Anyone even remotely interested in K-12 Catholic education should read the following piece from New York Archbishop Timothy Dolan.  In an extraordinarily insightful and well informed acclamation reminiscent of Archbishop “Dagger” John Hughes himself, Archbishop Dolan asserts that these schools are the responsibility of the entire Catholic community, and asserts that we must all quicken our resolve to ensure the long-term viability of this apostolate of hope.

Consider the following passage:

It is both heartening and challenging to remember that Catholic churches and schools were originally built on the small donations of immigrants who sacrificed nickels, dimes and dollars to make their children Catholics who are both well educated and fully American. Have we Catholics lost our nerve, the dare and dream that drove our ancestors in the faith, who built a Catholic school system that is the envy of the world?

So, how best to respond to this charge? Several ed reform advocates and Catholic school leaders have already made their case. What think you?