Here is a quick news round-up about some notable efforts to help financially support Catholic schools.  Its nice to see some good news from around the country!

New York atheist benefactor gives over 5 million to Catholic schools.

Retired hedge fund titan Robert W. Wilson lost his faith in God years ago, yet he believes in Catholic schools and gave $5.6 million to the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of New York this summer.

“With a Catholic education, I can take the poorest kid in the most negative family situation and send him to college,” Edward Cardinal Egan, New York’s archbishop from 2000 to 2009, said in an interview. “For me, there is no greater charity. What Robert Wilson is giving us is hope for what can happen.”

Jewish donors in Boston help support Catholic schools

they said they are passionate about Catholic schools because they provide an excellent education to the neediest children.

“We like to get a good return on our investment,’’ Kraft said of his family’s approach to philanthropy. “The backbone of this country has been made by first-generation [immigrants] coming here, educating their children, and living the American dream.’’

A new program, the Catholic Alumni Partnership, extends to the Archdiocese of Boston.

The Catholic Alumni Partnership (CAP) is a groundbreaking initiative that is currently helping to create sustainable fundraising programs in 303 Catholic elementary schools in New York and Connecticut. While there is a strong tradition of alumni support at the college and high school levels, resource constraints have prevented many Catholic elementary schools from conducting effective alumni outreach…CAP will reconnect the tens of thousands of students who benefited from these superb schools in years past with the students today and in doing so secure the future of Catholic elementary education for generations to come.

Great things happening in St. Louis in support of Catholic Schools with Archbishop Robert Carlson at the helm.

Archbishop Robert J. Carlson has proclaimed Catholic schools as his first priority, one that is reflected in the long, strong tradition of Catholic education here. Few dioceses have as many Catholic schools — St. Louis is the 38th largest diocese by population in the country, but the seventh largest in Catholic school enrollment.

To help that tradition continue and grow, the archbishop has established a new Mission Advancement Initiative for Catholic education here. The multi-year initiative, which is being planned with the help of a team of educators and fundraising professionals, will focus on helping parishes and schools implement the archbishop’s vision for Catholic schools.

“I believe in Catholic education,” Archbishop Carlson told the members of the Mission Advancement Initiative earlier this summer. “I also believe that as archbishop of St. Louis I have a God-given responsibility to do everything I can to help our schools be ‘Alive in Christ’ — vibrant centers of faith and learning committed to excellence and to holiness, to make them available— and affordable — for every Catholic family that desires a Catholic school education for their children, and, wherever possible, to offer this ministry to other (nonCatholic) families who share our values and who want a Catholic school education for their children.”

More than 1,700 students from 1,300 families were helped by the Catholic Family Tuition Assistance Endowment Fund, according to David Shelton, director of administrative services for the Catholic Education Office.