Fellow Catholic School Advocates,

It’s time to get into the discussion.  These past months of blogging have been a labor of love, sometimes with an emphasis on labor!  I picked up the pen because I was disappointed that there was nothing like this online or among existing blogs.  Its been a lot of fun but a TON of work.  At times I’ve wondered if it has been worth the effort and if people are actually reading with interest, and at times this has caused motivation to wane.

Well the past few weeks have offered some great affirmation.  In a few separate instances over the past month I’ve met or run into a number of individuals that have been regular readers and have expressed their interest and appreciation for The Catholic School Advocate.  Honestly, this was great to hear and a huge motivation to continue.

This has led me to the following reflection, I want to hear more from folks that are reading and so the blog should try to be more interactive.  As the blog subtitle suggests, “News, Commentary and Discussion.”  Well it appears that we’ve been modestly successful with the news and commentary, but the discussion has been wanting.

So there are two parts to this… I will solicit more  input, feedback and thoughts from you.  In turn, I hope that you readers will be generous in offering your thoughts and opinions on relevant topics pertinent to Catholic schools.  I hope this will create meaningful discussion and even thoughtful and respectful debate.

Sound good?