This past Wednesday, March 3, was the feast of St. Katharine Drexel.  Rocco Palmo offers a beautiful reflection on his blog.

It is worth recalling a great quote from Pope Benedict XVI’s speech to Catholic Educators:

Dear friends, the history of this nation includes many examples of the Church’s commitment in this regard. The Catholic community here has in fact made education one of its highest priorities. This undertaking has not come without great sacrifice. Towering figures, like Saint Elizabeth Ann Seton and other founders and foundresses, with great tenacity and foresight, laid the foundations of what is today a remarkable network of parochial schools contributing to the spiritual well-being of the Church and the nation. Some, like Saint Katharine Drexel, devoted their lives to educating those whom others had neglected – in her case, African Americans and Native Americans.

I’m sorry to have missed posting something on her actual feast day, but was still getting my feet back under me after the birth of my beautiful baby girl, Ceclia, one week before.