It is hopeful to see a dogged fight over the unjust killing of the D.C. Opportunity Scholarship program.  These families are fighters and thanks to a few brave political leaders, their voices are continuing to be heard.

Washington Post Editorial today – Lieberman is set to announce plans Thursday to offer the reauthorization as an amendment to legislation moving in the Senate, and he’s hoping for help from Sen. Richard J. Durbin (D-Ill.), majority whip and chairman of the subcommittee that funds the program.

Washington Times Editorial from Tuesday – summarizing the letter from Lieberman and Boehner to the President, it basically suggests Obama has been dishonest, saying that he would support programs that work and then helping to pull the plug on this successful program.

DC Vouchers Will Not Go Quietly – Jay P. Greene – which basically says that this issue won’t die, much to the President Obama’s, Secretary Arne Duncan’s and Senator Dick Durban’s chagrin…

It is a political liability to take scholarships away from poor kids that allow them to attend good schools and send them back to D.C.’s public schools, which 86% of the students in the Scholarship Program will be forced to do.

Andy Smarick at Flypaper Points to the hypocrisy of this administration’s treatment of the D.C. Scholarships, calling it “a black mark on the administration’s education record,” referring to Obama sending his two girls to an expensive private school but denying poor families this same opportunity, and the administration spending billions on an untested Race to the Top program while shutting down a program that has been proven to work by a gold standard evaluation.

Heritage Foundation Blog“This morning, families, students and community members gathered at the Capitol to show their support for the D.C. Opportunity Scholarship Program, which is currently being phased-out by the Obama administration. Senator Joe Lieberman and Senator Susan Collins hosted a press conference to discuss the impact of the successful program…” “During today’s press conference, Senator Collins reported that 86 percent of children in the Opportunity Scholarship program will have to return to District schools that are failing.” This is scandalous.

And they added in this nice clip from the Film “Let Me Rise”