Last year Indiana passed a new scholarship tax credit program, which would benefit low-income children allowing them to chose the private or faith-based school of their choice.  In addition to providing educational opportunity to thousands of low-income children (an issue of justice, plain and simple), these programs have been proven to save millions of dollars for the states – educating each child at a fraction of the cost that public schools spend per child, thus saving tax-payers millions.

But as a believer in the unique benefits of Catholic schools, this program is particularly important because it provides access to Catholic schools for the poor.  This is good for Catholic schools, good for poor kids, good for the state, good for tax-payers.

Self preserving Teachers Unions – at the expense of kids – oppose such programs and are trying to attack this one before it can even get started.

See some great coverage of this issue  in the Indiana Chamber of Commerce blog posted by Tom Schuman.

Here is a bit of what he said:

“…The Indiana State Teachers Association (ISTA) hopes to drive its suggested school budget cuts through the House Education Committee (via 1367) on Monday.

The ISTA plan: gut the progress made last year (scholarship tax credit and virtual charter school pilot programs), eliminate some testing (really ?), spend rainy day funds and any reserves above 8%, and allow more money to be transferred from capital funds to general operating funds.”